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Unsung iPad 2 feature: New SIM ejector tool

By now we all know about the iPad 2’s A5 processor, its redesigned case, its front and rear-facing cameras. Here’s a feature I haven’t seen anyone mention yet: the iPad 2has a new SIM ejector tool. You can see the new tool on the right side of this photo, compared with the original ejector tool on the left.
The new tool looks much less like a custom bit of forged (liquid?) metal and more like a heavily-modified paper clip. There’s a small gap in the metal between the pokey bit at the end and the part you grasp, and overall the metal looks to have a much duller (some might even call it cheaper) finish.
It’s a minuscule alteration that most people might never even notice, especially given that you might use this tool perhaps once or twice over the life of your device. It caught our eye, though, and it’s another odd bit of trivia to add to the Apple lore — though something tells me this won’t be something Mactracker adds to its comprehensive database.