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Verizon Customers Can Pre-Order iPhone 4 On February 3rd at 3AM EST

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It appears that at least some existing
 Verizon customers will be spooning instant coffee directly into our mouths and shoving match embers between our finger webbing next Wednesday night: the Verizon iPhone preorders will begin at 3am EST on February 3rd.

Per Verizon’s promise to give existing customers a head start in the Verizon iPhone preorder madness, the February 3rd date is only for those currently shackled to a VZW contract. Additionally, they’ll need to have their My Verizon account set-up. The amount of Verizon-specific pre-orders are limits, so once they’re gone, the rest of the VZW faithful will have to just wait their term with the rest of the hoi polloi.

Intriguingly, MacRumors also reports that Verizon will allow AT&T iPhone customers to trade their existing phones in for credit if they switch networks. Apparently, a first-gen 16B iPhone will net you a $60 credit, a 16GB iPhone 3G will net you $105, a 32GB iPhone 3Gs will get you a $160 credit and the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 will get you a $280 or $360 trade-in, respectively. Anyone get the impression Verizon’s really eager for people to switch?