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$900 for spot on iPad 2 line in New York City

College student Amanda Foote has been camping out in front of Apple’s famous 5th Avenue retail store in New York City since Wednesday night, but she wasn’t in line to get her hands on an iPad 2.  She was waiting to sell the first spot on line to the highest bidder.  She was able to sell her number 1 spot this morning to Hazem Sayed, who happens to be an app developer (And can justify the cost as marketing), for $900.  She said in a mini-interview with Mashable that she got about 4 hours of sleep over the two day period, not to mention the monster rain storm New York saw on Thursday night.
For those of you who don’t want to pay nearly double the price of the actual iPad for a spot online can get their’s now on Apple.com, but shipping can take as long as three weeks.
Big Box retailers like Target, Best Buy, and Walmart are reporting little to no lines for the new iPad, and have the same on-sale time, today at 5pm Eastern Time.