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Another smash and grab at the Crocker Park Apple Store in Westlake, OH

On Friday morning, a smash-and-grab robbery of yet another Apple Store took place at the Crocker Park Apple Store in Westlake, Ohio, an upscale suburb of Cleveland. Around 4:30 AM, three burglars smashed in the front window activating the burglar alarm as well as the store’s security cameras, which caught it all on tape. The well-organized thieves were in and out in thirty seconds after stealing twenty-four notebooks and one iPod touch. The culprits, wearing all black, left no apparent trail and so far the Westlake police have no disclosed leads.
This comes quickly on the heels of other such incidents. Just last month, the San Diego, CA store was hit resulting in one burglar being shot and killed by a security guard. Also in April, a thief was shot during a heist at the Chula Vista, Calif. store along with the Chestnut Street San Francisco store being hit without fatalities. Earlier, it was the Pittsburgh, Pa. store, which had been broken into twice. This follows a rash of break-ins at other Apple Stores and resellers throughout 2009-2010. In all, over twelve Apple Stores have been robbed.
After the break, you can see the video as posted by WKYC News 3.