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Do your part: Haitian Education Program Needs Intel Macs

Luke Renner, the founder of Fireside International, reached out last week to let us know about a very worthy program he’s running that could use Macs to do a whole lot of good. His organization has started the Caribbean Institute for Media Technologies (CIMT), a center that aims to teach journalism and multimedia storytelling skills to people in Haiti, in order to help educate “Haiti’s next generation of journalists, filmmakers, authors, and spokespeople.”
Specifically, the school has just received a huge collection of Rosetta Stone language training software, which is fantastic, except for the fact that it only runs on Intel Macs, and the school only has older PPC machines. If the school can pull together 11 Intel Macs, new or old, they can launch the program in earnest and repurpose the PPC towers to an additional center they’re planning to build.

To learn more about CIMT and Fireside, see this post. To offer your support, e-mail the organization at or make a donation through the link on the right sidebar of their site.
Making a difference in Haiti is important to me, particularly since the catastrophic earthquake of last year. I also love seeing Macs help kids learn how to make a difference in the world. It’s a worthy cause. By all means, get on it.