iPad 2 Videos

Fox affiliate in Texas shoots news story on iPad

KBTV iPad News Report Screenshot
With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, Fox affiliate KBTV’s Mike McNeill stopped by Spec’s Liquor Store in Beaumont, Texas, to discuss the various alcoholic options available for properly (and responsibly) celebrating the holiday. In the video, McNeill claims he shot the entire report using only the camera in his new iPad 2.
“All the experts who know how to shoot these kind of stories are out on real stories,” says McNeill in his report. “So, I just grabbed my iPad 2 and decided hey, you know what, we’re Fox 4, we’re innovators.” Moments later, McNeill points the camera at his iPad 2 box as evidence he’s using Apple’s new tablet to shoot the story.
This is the first known broadcast created using an iPad 2. Keep reading to see the video.