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Guy builds Airplay 1080p

AirPlay, a technology from Apple for wireless streaming of media from iOS devices to the Apple TV, would be awesome if it wasn’t for one huge drawback: it’s only 720p. That didn’t stop enthusiasts Eric Govoruhk and Kelly McAteer to develop a full HD 1080p video mirroring for iPad 2 by using a wireless HDMI transmitter and a USB battery pack.
Check out the awesomeness in the above video. First OEM to do this gets a post here. Eric explained how they pulled it off over at the MacRumors forums:
Basically, we were tasked with the coming up with ideas that could help a client with their presentations. Sometimes they run Keynote Presentations on a Mac, and sometimes they run Keynote Presentations on an iPad using a VGA adapter. While I liked how mobile you could get doing it off an iPad, you’re still literally tethered by the cable running to the the A/V equipment. I knew there had to be some sort of solution, but sadly there wasn’t, at least not all in one place. So I started looking at combining different solutions, and luckily, not many were needed. The core components are the wireless HDMI transmitter, and a USB battery pack.

Oh, and of course the iPad 2.

Everything is very rough, especially the housing. This all came together very quickly, and we’re still working everything out. I just wanted to show you guys, because I know some of you are looking for similar solutions. I’m going to try and get an Instructable together once we get everything a little more finished. Maybe even try some other things, like a belt pack for those that don’t want the added bulk in their hands, or what ever other ideas our tiny little heads can think of.