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How a blind man uses Instagram for iPhone

How a blind man uses Instagram for iPhoneIf you’re a mobile photography junkie who spends chunks of time browsing page after page of Instagram photos, you might not consider how different the experience would be for someone who is blind. But believe it or not, Instagram can be just as enjoyable for those who can’t see, as evidenced by Tommy Edison — and he even recorded a video to show just how he does it.

In the pseudo-tutorial vid, Edison uses the iPhone’s voiceover accessibility functionality to navigate the Instagram app. After snapping a photo, he adds a filter using the voice prompts and Siri lends a hand by transcribing his spoken description of the shot. It’s an extremely slick process, and Edison’s disability clearly doesn’t hinder his enjoyment of mobile photography in the slightest.

The latest version of iOS makes picture taking even easier for those with visual handicaps by providing an audio cue when faces are detected, ensuring the subject is in the shot without the photographer needing to see the screen itself. All in all, the iPhone offers a fantastic suite of functionality to ensure that photography lovers have no boundaries.