iPad 2 News Videos

Inside Apple’s Temporary Store in Austin

As you may have heard, Apple has been busy setting up a temporary store in Austin, TX for SXSW attendees willing to buy an iPad 2 during the days of the event. Following high demand for the new device and to make it easy for SXSW folks (which are many, and usually geeks) to buy a new iPad, Apple decided to take a temporary location to turn into a “popup shop” for two weeks.
In the video below posted by Cult of Mac, you can see the huge line formed this morning from people wanting to get their hands on the iPad or check out the new store. Some people were in line since 8 AM, others likely even before, but they weren’t exactly sure the Apple Store was going to be there as the company didn’t confirm anything until this morning, when Apple employees walked out cheering, telling customers to get in. Basically, that was a line made of hype and blog’s coverage of a rumor. It needs to be mentioned, though, that Apple’s black clothes are usually a good indication of a store being set up to accomodate a new launch.
Also in the video: Apple employee casually dancing inside the Store.