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KAMPO: The KAIST Mobile Phone Orchestra

kaist0200 KAMPO: The KAIST Mobile Phone Orchestra
The KAIST Mobile Phone Orchestra (KAMPO) aims to explore the potential of mobile media for music and media art. In addition to suggesting new and innovative mobile performance paradigms through concerts, KAMPO conducts active research/education in music and mobile media as well as software development.
The performances include five participants equipped with iPhones operating different components of the iPhone app, playing different instruments. Besides just triggering instrument sets in Ablenton Live, the main display application also creates a loop, as in a real orchestra, sending conduction messages back to performers and their devices.
The iPhone app used in the performance is made using Apple iOS framework together with Momu Toolkitof Standford, MoPho (Mobile Phone Orchestra) for some functionality, especially OSC. The app is available for purchase ( $3.99 ) on the app store and includes five separate interfaces (button, drawing, mic, accelerometer, compass) and one setting interface.
The main display app uses Processing and receives performers’ OSC messages to visualize the data. This main application sends conduction message to performers’ iPhone via OSC, such as ‘Start’ message, buttons to press, lines to draw, direction to tilt, level to blow, direction of compass. Sounds are generated from the main computer running the main application, by using Ableton Live via MIDI message.
KAMPO was the thesis (PDF) project of Sihwa Park as well as an AIM (Audio and Interactive Multimedia) Lab project. For more info on KAMPO visit the official website