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Local TV station visits Apple’s data center

A Fox affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina took a closer look at Apple’s new data center in the town of Maiden. The news story and accompanying video is rife with speculation about the intended usage of this 500,000 square foot building.
Once you get past the references for Apple’s supposed “Netflix-Killer” video streaming service, a rumor kicked off by analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies and Company, the video has some shots of the data center and pithy facts about the land Apple occupies.
The short video takes a quick tour of the land around the center and the extensive amount of property that Apple owns. Besides the 180 acres on which the data center sits, the Cupertino company also owns 70 acres right across the street. The data center only takes up one-third of the 180 acre plot, and with over 190 combined acres of land available, some are speculating Apple may be looking to build an East Coast campus.
Locals are certainly enthusiastic about this rumored opportunity. “I’m ready to get the phone call and to proceed with building anything they want,” said Scott Millar, President of the Catawba County Economic Development Corporation. Read on to watch the video from the Charlotte news team.