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New “If You Don’t Have An iPhone” Ads Feature Apple’s Three E-Commerce Stores

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Apple has today added three new adverts for the iPhone to their website and YouTube which have the general theme of “If you don’t have an iPhone” and what you miss out on. The three specific features that the ad’s highlight are the App Store, iPod + iTunes and iBooks which highlight Apple’s strong integration between the iPhone and their three e-commerce stores.
Jump the break to watch the three 30 second ad’s which also all finish with the “Yup, if you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone.” phrase – which in typical Apple style is a little self-congratulatory (which you either like or dislike).

  • gille

    it is down indeed..maybe for OSX Lion 🙂 

    • gille

      Ok..it’s up again, nm !

  • Functions normally until attempting to sign in with Apple ID. Same on both Mac and iOS devices (in the north San Francisco bay area).

    • It’s working fine here now in our side. Thanks for your update!

  • not working:- “Your apple ID coudn’t be found” 🙁