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OMG! 800GB White iPhone 4 for the dearly departed?

The Chinese tradition of giving offerings to the dearly departed has surely kicked the paper effigy business up a notch, in which items that are considered a luxury are burned at gravesites in order to “deliver” them to the underworld where the dearly departed can receive them. This is a Chinese culture and a belief for some.
Today, in embracing the “pop culture” that Apple invented, we have the white iPhone 4 (aka sPhone 4), and there’s a similar paper white iPad too (termed the sPad). Accessories including earphones, power adapter, cables, dock with packaging box are also made into paper models. The sPad is available for $315 HKD (about $40) while the sPhone 4, cost around $945 HKD (about $120), for an 800GB model!