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Second AT&T iPhone 4 commercial again shows off simultaneous voice and data

AT&T has aired their second iPhone 4 commercial since losing exclusivity and it once again pushes the concept of simultaneous voice and data. While the first one focused on a hapless husband who forgot his anniversary, this time AT&T features a man arguing with a friend over the phone and trying to use Safari to settle the argument during the call — something that’s no possible on the Verizon iPhone without Wi-Fi. (Which is admittedly a little easier to believe in this commercial’s restaurant setting as opposed to the first commercial’s office setting.)

Verizon for their part has been hammering at AT&T over coverage and reliability, while Apple is just happy to have them both.
Is AT&T sticking with a winner strategy here or will simultaneous voice and data only take them so far? If so, what’s next? A business woman frustrated by the limited conference calling available of CDMA? And if so will Verizon retaliate with the “Pepsi challenge” of reception tests in New York and San Francisco?
[We’ll replace with the official video once it’s online]