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Should Apple make their own TV shows?

TiPb Asks: Should Apple make their own TV shows?
The New York Times says Netflix may start delivering their first TV show, House of Cards, and it got us wondering if Apple shouldn’t get into the production side of show business as well? Netflix might outbid the likes of HBO and AMC to get House of Cards and it would give them original programming that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Sony has their own Hollywood studio. Comcast is buying NBC. Will Apple be at a disadvantage if they only deliver content but don’t make any themselves. (No, Disney doesn’t count — just because Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder doesn’t mean Apple owns it or has exclusive rights to any of their content.)
Apple already has the tools to make TV shows — Final Cut Pro on Macs. They have iTunes to market, sell, and deliver it. They have iAds if they want to use it. They have clients on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to watch it. All they’re missing is the actual content. Sure it could spread Apple too thin and be too far outside their core business but that hasn’t stopped Sony and it might not stop Netflix.
What do you think, would a Dr. Horrible-style show, only available on iTunes be an advantage for Apple? Given the increasing competition, will Apple have to do something like that eventually?