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Switch Photo Effects Faster With Lumiere Photo App

Lumiere photo app
Lumiere is yet another photo effects filter app for iOS, but before you sigh and say: “Oh no, not another Hipstamatic clone,” I want you to pause and give this one a second look.
What makes Lumiere different isn’t that it applies filter effects to your photos – Hipstamatic and a gazillion other apps already do that – but the way it lets you flick from one effect to the next.
All you do is swipe in one direction to switch from one filter to the next, and swipe in the other to change the frame it will appear in. Because everything happens in the live view right in front of you, you can see exactly what your photo will look like. It’s fun, and very immediate.
I made a quick video to show you the swiping controls in action:

(First few seconds of that got messed up during upload to YouTube, sorry about that.)
The only problem I’ve encountered with Lumiere is a little instability. I’ve seen a few crashes, and on one occasion the viewfinder remained completely black until I force quit the app and restarted. Only little things, though.
Lumiere is $1.99 on the iOS App Store and well worth grabbing if you enjoy your iPhone photography.