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The iHub is the coolest-looking USB hub for Apple gear

With the growing array and proliferation of iOS gadgets Apple fans own, finding a free USB port to sync is sometimes anything but piece of cake. This is especially true if you keep other USB peripherals connected to your computer all the time, the stuff like printers, external hard drives, USB flash drives and what not. The iHub from MIC Gadget solves this problem efficiently and in a tiny package while looking utterly cool. Read on for more info and nice promo footage.
According to the French blog, this nifty little thing ships in black and white and has four USB ports to connect your gear.
Even though it reminds me of an old Mac mini, the unofficial accessory turns head with a nice detail – whenever you connect a USB device, the Apple logo glows magically.
It’s available on the MIC store for only ten bucks a pop. Let’s hope Apple won’t pull this unofficial accessory like they sued MIC Gadget’s Steve Jobs Doll out of production.