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The Knockoff Smart Cover for iPad 2 stinks bad!

The original Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is as revolutionary as the device that complements it. It comes with 31 magnets under the hood (divided between Cover & iPad 2), and industry analysts estimated a cool $1 billion in revenue for Apple in sales.
However, at $39 a piece, and the lack of availability of it on a worldwide scale, someone somehow has to find an alternative to it – possibly a knockoff from China. And today, the knockoff maestros over in China unveils the first Smart Cover Knockoff, with very unfortunateside-effects. Read on for more.
Pros of the Fake Smart Cover for the iPad 2
– It has the exact ability as the original to wake/sleep the iPad 2 that it attaches to.
– That’s all, folks!
Cons of the Fake Smart Cover for the iPad 2– It is only slightly cheaper than the original at $33 (original at $39)
– It does not attach to the iPad 2 instantly (mis-alignment issue)
– Self-aligning magnetic hinge is badly designed (hinge drops off from the cover)
– Lastly, it stinks (poly material used stinks so bad you’re gonna puke)


So, if you’re planning to get a Smart Cover to complement your beloved iPad 2, for the love of God, get the original, will ya’!