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The Moov wireless case for iPhone streams video to TV

A company named Olion has introduced a neat add-on for the iPhone called The Moov. It’s a case for the iPhone 4 that connects to the dock and streams out video wirelessly. The presenter in the video (which you can watch after the break) calls it the “first mobile to TV solution,” but of course, that’s not true — we’ve seen lots of ways to get video out of the iPhone and onto the TV.
Still, this one’s pretty elegant, and it’s all wireless, even though that means it’s limited by about three hours of battery life. The speed in the video looks good, and the case sends off a signal to any WHDI receiver. Olion doesn’t have a price or release date yet — the Israel-based startup is still looking for manufacturing partners, apparently. But it’s a cool idea with what seems to be a nice implementation. We’ll keep an eye out for it.
[via Engadget]