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The Woz: “We’ve created a new species – the androids are winning!”

Steve Wozniak photo: Bob Pearce
Relax, he was referring to synthetic organisms with human-like looks and demeanor rather than Google’s software for handsets. Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and the creator of the original Apple I and II computers from the mid-1970s, yesterday held an engaging commencement speech in front of the audience of Michigan State University graduates, as previously promised.
The beloved geek, the Woz gave the address alongside TIAA-CREF president and CEO Roger Ferguson Jr. Both men have received an honorary degree from the university. It was a typical commencement speech until the end, when the Apple employee #1 warned the machines are taking over. “We’ve created a new species, no question”, he said of computers and then quipped:
Every time we invent a computer to do something else, it’s doing our work for us, making ourselves less relevant. The cyborgs are winning! The androids are winning!
Check out a video clip of Woz’s speech after the break.
Wozniak, 60, is currently chief scientist for Fusion-io, a storage startup. He was recently reported as possibly considering a return to Apple, if asked. The legendary engineer explained graduates his formula of happiness: H = 3F, which stands for“Happiness equals food, friends, and fun”.