Bugs iPad 2 Videos

Universal Gamma Bug Washes Out Videos On All iPad 2s

Would it surprise you to know that the iPad 2 suffers from a bug that causes universal color gamma issues during video playback, resulting in low contrast and washed out blacks?
It would? No wonder: while the issue seems to be universal, most people just don’t seem to be noticing it.
The issue is reported by a growing number of Apple Support Community users. In a thread stated by Raymondlo84, the issue is described like this:
If you try to play any video (youtube, apple trailer, your own converted video) on the iPad 2, any black images will turn grayish… Just put your iPhone, iPod touch, or even the older iPad next to it, then you will notice a BIG difference. The color is similar to what happened when you set the gamma incorrectly on a display.
It’s easy enough to check this out for yourself. Just grab your iPad 2 and change the orientation of the device: the contrast will correct itself for a fraction of a second when you do so, showing video playback as its meant to be seen.
I’ve checked this out on my own iPad 2, and by gum, it’s a real issue, just waiting to be patched. Apple’s not fessing up to the problem right now, but the problem seem to be universal. Expect this to be a fix in iOS 4.3.4.