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What is Apple going to put on twelve million Gigabytes of storage it just ordered?

Wow, Apple has placed an order for about twelve petabytes (12PB equals to 12,000TB) of storage from Isilon Systems, the Seattle, Washington-based maker of clustered storage solutions company with more than 1,500 clients, reported. According to an inside source, the company will use this storage to “manage the video download of its customers using iTunes.”
I’ve got another idea…
How about a digital media locker Apple has been purportedly developing for some time, but couldn’t launch yet due to licensing restrictions. It could be also to support millions of people taking advantage of cloud storage, courtesy of a MobileMe redesign that some say would go free.
If all that storage is for video downloads, I doubt Apple’s seeing a substantial increase in movie and TV show rentals on the iTunes Store. When the iPad 2′s A5 chip that does 1080p output makes its way into the iPhone 5 and third-gen Apple TV – maybe iTunes plans on cranking up the video resolution from 720p to 1080p?