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Well that’s convenient, talking while browsing coming to Verizon

One of AT&T’s major selling points, especially for the iPhone, is the ability for users to talk on the phone will using data. This selling point has even been marketed in AT&T’s own commercials and even one of Apple’s. This talking while browsing feature allows you to hit the home button while on a phone call and browse Safari or check the weather for example. Verizon is yet to gain the feature, but The Wall Street Journal claims the feature is coming soon.
Verizon Wireless is working on providing that capability, said Verizon executive Brian Higgins. He wouldn’t say when it will be ready, but played down the need for handling voice and data at the same time.
Verizon working on this important feature now is pretty convenient for the rumored launch window of the CMDA iPhone 4 and we think this news will only add more fuel to the Verizon iPhone rumors.