Where To? will make you feel better about Apple Maps

Apple’s Maps app has been a bit of a mess, as we all know. One of the biggest complaints is the lack of solid local search. There are plenty of alternative apps (including Google+ Local, the updated version of Google Places); one of the classics, Where To?, has just been updated.

Where To? now offers a link to Apple Maps once you have found your destination using the app’s local search. The Google-powered search data is far more complete than what Apple Maps offers through Yelp, so this is a good solution. This latest version of Where To? also works well with iOS 6, and doesn’t ‘letterbox’ on an iPhone 5.

When you find a location you’ll get reviews, links to websites and business hours. One other nice feature is that Where To? can be launched from Apple Maps, to get a more complete idea of what is around your chosen destination.

In my testing around town the app worked well. It did have a lot more local options when I searched for things like restaurants, hospitals and hardware stores. The switch to Maps is easy enough. When you find your destination click on a button, and you can go to Maps or any other navigation program it can talk to. In my case I have Navigon, Waze and Telenav on my phone and they all would accept the destination from Where To? without trouble. It also supports TomTom, Motion X, Sygic and Navfree.

Where To? is US$2.99 and works in most overseas locations. The app can’t cure all the issues with Apple Maps, but it certainly dramatically expands local search. Since I find Apple Maps to be a solid navigator in my part of Arizona, Where To? and Apple Maps are a good marriage.

Where To? requires iOS 5.1 or greater, and is not a universal app. Check the galleries for some screen shots.