White House Confirms Steve Jobs Was In Attendance At Silicon Valley Obama Meeting

At a meeting held at the home of John Doerr of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Apple CEO Steve Jobs met with President Barack Obama last night alongside other Silicon Valley executives, the White House has confirmed.
Unlike his peers at Yahoo!!, Netflix, Twitter, Google and Facebook, though, Jobs remained out of sight of reporters throughout the meeting, and was seen neither entering or exiting the meeting.
His invisibility at the event is worrying, following a recent tabloid report suggesting that Steve Jobs currently weighed just 135 pounds and had only “weeks to live.”
Many — ourselves included — saw his appearance at Obama’s event as proof that Steve Jobs was healthier than believed, but that might be a hope belied by the CEO’s reticence in being photographed alongside President Obama.
On the other hand, Jobs simply might want to maintain as much privacy as possible during his latest leave of absence, regardless of the state of us his health… which, according to an eyewitness report last week was apparently “healthy” and “happy.”