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White iPhone 4 spotted, proud owner tells you why you won’t be able to get hold of one yet!

The elusive White beast has been spotted. This time its closer to home.
Pocket-Lint shared an elevator ride with the owner of an original White iPhone 4 at a press event in New York City, and learned some interesting information along the way.
The owner of the device declined to be identified, but said that the Apple HQ is brimming with tons of White iPhone 4s and that he got the hook-up from a friend of his.
Well, according to our jacket wearing gent, Apple is having trouble getting its two suppliers in the Far East to match the white used in the manufacturing of the parts. The white home button colour doesn’t match the white front face plate colour, it turns out. Apple being the perfectionist that it is, isn’t happy with this and therefore isn’t happy to sell it to the general public, supposedly.