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WineSpace Releases Golf Swing Check Lite

Revin and WineSpace have announced a free version of “Golf SwingCheck”, the App for the iPhone and iPod touch, honored with a Listing in “iTunes Store Rewind 2010 in Japan”. Golf SwingCheck enables you to check your golf swing with easy-to-use operation. It helps you get beautiful golf swing, accuracy of the swing, and finally better score. It allows users to work out your check points like address, take back, swing top, impact, on-plane swing and so forth.

Taking up the ability to easily, simply and effortlessly check your golf swing as a theme, the app offers capture of videos, which allow you to directly draw lines and circles with your finger during playback. You can discover your misalignment in the swing posture, your body movement, as well as shifts in the swing axis, and etc.

Video editing is simple. You can upload video captures with the added lines directly from the app to your accounts on YouTube or Facebook. Even though this free app restricts some of the features found in the popular paid version of the app released last September, it allows more golfers, as well as sports player in other fields, such as baseball player, to understand how easy it is to use this app:

* Free Version: Can save 1 video, no auto-timer, available for free
* Paid Version: Can save up to 200 videos, comes with an auto-timer, $1.99.

Pricing and Availability:
Golf SwingCheck Lite 1.5.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Sports category.

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