Wunderlist for Mac Gets Updated to 1.2

Wunderlist, the excellent task / list manager that works on the web, iOS, Mac and Android that we’ve reviewed several times in the past, got a nice update to 1.2 on OS X earlier today, bringing many features of the popular web application to the desktop. For those unfamiliar with Wunderlist, it’s a little app that leverages the power of cloud sync to make your lists and tasks always available on all your mobile devices, computers, and web browsers. Wunderlist comes with a variety of themes to choose from, and it’s clearly not oriented to OmniFocus power users that fiddle every day with large projects, AppleScripts and complex workflow. Instead, Wunderlist tries to be very simple, but always connected.
The Mac app was criticized by many for being not so “native” on the Mac platform, and I guess that’s because of the “accelerator” installer package that manages the installation process on OS X – admittedly, the app still doesn’t feel as native as OmniFocus or Things with their AppleScript integration and fancy Cocoa tricks, but version 1.2 is definitely an improvement. The app’s window can finally be closed with a CMD+W shortcut, and the sidebar can be moved on the left or right. The desktop app heavily resembles its web counterpart — more so that it even looks like the entire web app has been built into a Mac package. You can now drag files into the “notes” section of a task and have the path to the file saved in a clickable format; similarly, web links are now correctly recognized and synced to the cloud. Alongside bug fixes, real time search, speed improvements and better filters, the app comes with a shiny new icon and login screen.
Wunderlist may not be the ideal solution for OmniFocus geeks, but the team behind it is surely building a reliable solution that works anywhere at anytime, and it’s perfect for keeping lists of tasks always synced across different platforms and devices. Get Wunderlist here, for free.