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YouMail updates, now allows ‘numberless messaging’

We covered YouMail back in February of last year — it’s a voicemail replacement app for iOS, which allows you to access and send voicemails completely outside of the standard voicemail interface. If you use voicemail a lot, YouMail features a lot of extra options and ways to handle all of those voicemail messages coming in.

The app’s recently been updated, and among the new features included is the ability to now send voicemail messages completely within the YouMail app itself, instead of depending on a cell phone network to do so. Again, depending on your plan and your usage patterns, this could be extremely useful. For business users especially, who need to send and receive perhaps dozens of voicemails a day, an app like YouMail can be very helpful, and could even save on cellphone minutes and other charges.

YouMail is free to download, and you can sign up for an account within the app. For many users, Apple’s built-in visual voicemail is more than enough to handle any messages that appear on iOS, but for voicemail power users, YouMail’s latest update makes it an even more helpful service than before.