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Your Twitter Stream on Your Desk: The Trickle

Your iPhone provides ample opportunity for information feedback alongside your Mac, which is why the makers of Twitter app Trickle and the Piolo stand for your iPhone have joined forces to prop your Twitter stream underneath or next to your workhorse Macintosh. While Trickle streams Twitter at a readable pace in high-contrast glory, Piolo gives your iPhone the leverage it needs to reveal all sorts of juicy details without breaking your neck. Trickle gives you everything you need and nothing more, provided you want a miniature picture frame solely to display tweets from the smart, funny, and sometimes bullheaded people you find yourself enlightened by on Twitter. Piolo is a sturdy kickstand that can be easily carried with the iPhone 4 in a bag or purse, taking up zero room with its simple design and clever implementation. Together, you have yourself a the perfect combination of form and function: simplicity in Twitter at its finest, sans all the extra UI or lost desktop space. We’re going to give away ten (count ‘em) pairs of Trickle and Piolo to our readers, and all you have to do is follow the rules post break.